Planning Process

Planning for the future, respecting the past

The Land Use Planning Process

How did the project come to be?

In 2013 the Province of British Columbia began a process regarding the future of the Riverview lands. BC Housing was entrusted to develop a Renewed Riverview in consultation with various groups.

In 2015 BC Housing created a clear and defined vision for the site. We have now entered the land use planning process, informed by this vision.

The Renewal Process

The creation of the vision for renewing the Riverview Lands is the first step in the planning process and guides all future development on the Riverview Lands.


Through an extensive consultation, the vision for renewing the Riverview Lands serves as a long-range guide that balances the social, economic and environmental objectives of the Province, the City of Coquiltam, the Kwikwetlem First Nation and the community. It pays homage to Riverview’s heritage, culture and natural beauty, while providing wellness services, improved connections, and economic opportunities for all residents and the region.

Planning & Design

The next step is to create a master plan. The master plan will develop a long-range framework for land use on the Riverview site that balances and harmonizes all elements. It will identify spaces for institutional use (i.e., health care, schools, etc.), public amenities and park space, commercial use (such retail and office spaces, etc.), and residential use. It will be informed by the commitments made in the vision for renewing Riverview. The public will have an opportunity to provide feedback throughout the master planning process.

Municipal Approval Process

Once completed, the master plan will then be submitted to the City of Coquitlam to go through the municipal approval process.

Why BC Housing?

BC Housing’s role is to ensure the history of the lands is honoured, while overseeing the renewal of the site into a complete community.

We will guide this process while considering:

  • multiple interests
  • heritage
  • environmental factors
  • housing
  • health care needs
  • financial care

As a public agency and the biggest developer of housing in the province, we have extensive experience in development and renovating buildings.

We have led many community consultations for projects. We have partnered with all levels of government, First Nations, non-profits, and private developers.
group of people listening to a speaker discuss the land use process