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Enhancing and protecting nature

The Environment

Natural Environment

The Riverview Lands are home to approximately 1,800 mature trees, some of which are unique to Western Canada.

Plans for renewal of the Riverview Lands will recognize
and respect its key features including the tree collection.

The collection, which was started by the provincial botanist John Davidson around 1912, includes native and non-native species and was added to as the site developed.

Many people consider the tree collection an integral part of the Riverview Lands’ heritage and some view it as British Columbia’s first arboretum.

One of the guiding principles for the land use planning process is to protect and enhance the tree collection. This means we will draw on a team of experts to assess and manage the long term health of the Riverview tree collection, within a new open space framework.

large oak tree and landscape at Riverview

Natural Habitat

The Riverview Lands Habitat Enhancement project provides a good example of how new development can enhance and protect the natural environment. As part of the project, a new fish habitat structure–consisting of two inlet channels, a pond and an outlet channel connecting the habitat to Riverview Creek–was created in exchange for the development of Cottonwood Lodge. Read the Year one Monitoring Report to learn more.

old building in disrepair

Hazardous Materials

The Riverview Lands are home to century-old buildings, many of which will require the removal of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead paint and other materials.
We will follow the specific legislation and regulations to address the proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials under the Environmental Management Act, to protect the health of workers, future residents of the site, and the surrounding community.

stone and gravel path at Riverview

Contaminated Soil

In 2012, the Provincial Health Services Authority investigated and assessed the soil on the Riverview Lands. The report found soil and/or groundwater contamination at four different sites, including: the cottage area, salt storage, Transport Services building, and the former care and storage garage. The contamination will be removed or managed in accordance with the Environmental Management Act.