The Buildings of Riverview

The Main Buildings

There are now 74 buildings on the Riverview Lands, with the demolition of Valleyview in September 2016 to make way for the PAC/Maples project. The buildings range in age from the 100-year-old West Lawn building to the five-year-old Cypress Lodge. The large size of the site allowed for building expansion as the need arose.

The site’s main buildings are named West Lawn, Centre Lawn, East Lawn, Crease Clinic and Crease Cafeteria. The Lawn buildings share a similar design and follow a north-south line following the site’s contours. They face east to Lougheed Highway and the Coquitlam River. As part of the background analysis work for the master planning phase, detailed study of these buildings’ structure, code compliance, building envelope and heritage were undertaken to understand how to address potential adaptive reuse of these structures.

Some of the buildings are over 100 years old. We have conducted an assessment of every building onsite to determine the state and condition of each.

As we move forward with the renewal process, we will be considering the viability of these buildings. In addition, we will consider environmental and heritage factors, as well as considerations under the cost recovery mandate.

West Lawn
Centre Lawn
East Lawn
Crease Building
Boys Industrial School Cottages
Holly Drive Cottages
Oak Terrace Cottages
Brookside / Leeside / Roadside Buildings
Old Firehouse

West Lawn Building
West Lawn opened in 1913. It is a four storey concrete structure, with brick facades. Stone blocks have been used for the window sills and lintels. The central entry portico is two storeys high, and has giant Doric columns. Bevelled glass windows highlight the main entry. There are sun porches at the two ends of the structure. The West Lawn building has been vacant and unheated since 1983. Note: This building is condemned

Centre Lawn Building Riverview
Centre Lawn opened in 1924 next to West Lawn. It was originally known as the “Acute Psychopathic Wing”. The hospital wards were renovated in the 1970s. It was designed by a different architect as West Lawn but is very similar in appearance. The four-storey structure consists of reinforced concrete with red brick exterior facing. Similar to West Lawn, the main entrance utilizes a two-storey portico with large columns and a second floor balcony.

East Lawn Building
East Lawn, originally known as the “Female Chronic Wing,” was completed in 1929. It is the largest building on the Riverview site. As with Centre Lawn, it was not designed by the same architect as West Lawn. The structure is reinforced concrete. Exterior walls are finished with red brick and white mortar. The slate roof has a series of dormers. The main entry is framed by a two-storey portico with Doric columns and a second floor balcony.

Crease Clinic
Crease Clinic was constructed in phases starting in 1914. The west wing was constructed in 1934. In 1949 the building doubled in size with the addition of the east wing. Crease Clinic is a four-story reinforced concrete structure. Exterior is finished in brick. The walls are topped with pinkish-orange terra-cotta cladding. Windows are trimmed with artificial stone (concrete). Framed central entry with a symmetrical double staircase.

Boys Industrial School Buildings
The three cottages were completed in 1922 and formed a portion of the “Boy’s Industrial Training School.” The cottages were designed in Tudor style with two-storeys on brick foundations with interlocking clay tile load bearing walls. They were converted to the “Essondale Home for the Aged” in 1936. A 1991 seismic engineering evaluation reported that the cottages would be an extremely hazardous buildings in an earthquake.

Holly Drive Cottage 113
There are nine cottages that were initially built to accommodate various site staff. Cottage 106 was constructed in 1918 as the Farm Superintendent’s Residence. Cottage 108 (1927) was used as the Chauffeur’s residence and Cottage 110 (1922) was the Boys School Chief Steward’s residence. The cottages were built between 1850 and 1927 and are currently occupied by tenants.

There are six cottages grouped along Oak Crescent to the north of the North Lawn building. They were originally designed as employee accommodations. Each cottage is a single storey wood frame construction with projecting front gables with an entry porch.

Roadside Building
All three buildings opened in 1949 as “Nurses” residences and are two-storey wood frame structures with stucco finish. The Roadside building is currently occupied by A/G Sheriffs and Security.

old firehall
This building is a wooden two-storey structure built in 1924 and added to in 1953. It is in fair to poor condition with a variety of structural deficiencies. Approximately half of the space is used by grounds maintenance staff and the remainder of the building is vacant and difficult to use due to water infiltration resulting in significant deterioration.